Astrolog32 v3
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edited by R.Luporini, Italy and J.Ren, China
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Yet another version of Astrolog? Yes, brand new and strictly free as usual.  
The platform created by Walter Pullen more than 20 years ago still retains all its versatility and power. Our intentions were manifold: 
          • delight us with our passion and our astrological orientation :-)  
          • have an astrological program which is as complete and versatile as possible  
          • range over Vedic astrology  
          • offer unprecedented investigative tools in the approach to Primary Directions  
The starting point given to us by Astrolog32v2 has allowed us to achieve all our objectives.  
It was therefore necessary to:  
          • respectfully renew the graphic aspect of the program  
          • simplify its use  
          • correct some imperfections  
          • enrich the menus and introduce new features 
As regards the Primary Directions, imported largely from the freeware Morinus program, some astronomical aspects of particular conceptual importance have been highlighted, often ignored and generally misunderstood. All with full respect for tradition, which should always be fundamental.
We had considered the opportunity to make a more decisive change to the graphics, which were, however, retouched in many details, but in the end we opted to keep the very old DOS version. In astrological charts, the management of individual screen pixels allows you to appreciate details that would otherwise escape investigation. We have therefore sacrificed aesthetics in favour of functionality.  
Those familiar with previous versions of Astrolog, in particular Astrolog32v1/2 and UAstrolog, will not struggle much to quickly enjoy all the features present in this version; those who are not, will have to invest some time in it. Our belief is that in retrospect they will be happy to have done so.  
We are aware that a more functional manual would be useful, but the Help menu is quite comprehensive, with an English-language Companion that now offers automatic translation for other languages in many browsers (author "The Dodger"). It refers to the previous versions of Astrolog32 (V1 and V2) but the new menu of traditional techniques has a dedicated essential help that also allows in some way to take the first steps in most of the new functions. 
We hope to have done something welcome to the international astrological community by making available the fruit of our work, with the aim of continuing its development to improve and enrich it further. 
We thank everyone who will report the existence of inevitable errors and those who will propose suggestions to improve the work done so far. 

Roberto Luporini, Italy   and   James Ren, China


Special thanks to Antonella Mazzoni, Italy, for her contribution in debugging the program.
A tender thanks to Emma, China, for generously lending her PC to the team.

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