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NOTE: Many features will not be available if you use a language other than the one you chose during installation.
June 07, 2022 - V3.45 released
All known bugs in version 340 have been fixed. 
New charts in the TradTech menu 
-Contra Antiscia 
The Navamsa chart was already present in two other menus. 
The three representations show different 

May 24, 2022 - V3.40 released
3D chart of the Celestial Sphere added in Extra menu.
(->Imported from Astrolog 7.30 by Walter Pullen)
New "Atlas Lookup and daylight time history" function added in Charts Editor. 
(->Imported from Astrolog 7.30 by Walter Pullen)
Traditional Chaldean planetary hours added. Day from sunset. Option for day from sunrise. One second accuracy.
Therefore it has been eliminated a bug in the Almuten evaluation.

All ideograms of all oriental languages are now manageable.

Find Time and Place feature added. Imported from Morinus and improved in the settings interface. It works in the range of years -2999 / + 2999. Search starts from 1/1/1(January 1, 1st year), or -1/1/1 if the starting year is negative. It finds max. one chart/day. Using the ASC/DES positions, an invalid value message will be shown if the value of the ASC is set to 0° or 180°. This feature is very useful in case of ancient charts or for charts created from older ephemerides, where the planetary positions were not that exact.

Added the Recent function in the File menu to easily open the last ten charts. If the number of ten is exceeded, the first 
chart will be removed from the bottom of the list and the new 
one will be added at the top. The function appears if at least 
one chart was opened in previous sessions. The default charts in Macros and recalled from the celebrity list are not stored. 

Standard macros have been integrated into the program menus: 
-View / Show Asteroids 
-Extra / More ... 
  Nine pop-up menus with their sub-menu:
     - Planetary returns 
     -Progressions and Directions 
     -Restrictions for Progressions and Directions 
     -Astronomical data 

Now macros can be edited with these new facilities: 
  -WA nnn is the number of items in the menu  
  -WM num string1 string2 
     string1 is the menu title, string2 is a flag char, as follows: 
     if string2 is "i": this is a normal menu title 
     if string2 is "M": this is a popup menu 
     if string2 is "d": this is a gray menu title (only for info) 
     if -WM num " ": this means this is a SEPARATOR line 

New "Hide Aspects" feature in Show menu.

New license for the program, now GPL version 2, June 1991. 

Broader and clearer credit list.

New Help file for Astrolog32v3, including "The Dodger" Companion.

  ###  ***  Several bugs fixed  ***  ###

#Whole Sign House System wrong 
#Nutation in sidereal mode: positive sign only 
#Texts overlapping for Double charts in wmf format
# Thanks to Walter Pullen while James was busy elsewhere 

*Celebrity database reinstated
*Astronomcal Speculum wrong 
*Flower charts were not compatible with white background 
*Modern Progressions-Directions rearranged
*Shripati and Equal(MC) House Systems wrong

*Non-existent graphic aspects in the Terrestrial Transits charts *Double chart: sometimes aspects towards empty points 
*Births with summer time: incorrect Almuten evaluation 
*Births with summer time: planetary hours as civil time 
*Planetary hours wrong 
*LOF sometimes in graphical wrong position
*Solar and Lunar returns: functions of +/- keys optimized
*Menu File / Export / ave Chart as PostScript (eps files)(1) 
*Menu File / Export / Save Chart as WMF(1) 
   (1)Paid programs are required for files created with these 
*Menu File / Export / Save Chart as Wallpaper...any choice(2) 
   (2)For these exports it's necessary to run the program with 
   administrator rights. Attempting to execute these exports 
   without administrator rights, causes the program to close.  
*Menu FIle Print(3)
   (3)Using MACRO_personal, or configurations with colored
 black backgrounds, printing is not always possible in the
best way

February 05, 2021 - V3.30 released
Morinus ".hor" files can now be opened
Companion to A32 by "The Dodger" updated
Aspects of PDs axes to Native axes in tabulated PDs added
Graphic aspects in double Mundane (Terrestrial) charts
New “Crtl+d” switch to enable/disable aspects in all charts
(Therefore reduced the number of PDs charts in menu from tabulated PDs)
Double information box for Profections double charts
Modified data for Syzygy date/time from Morinus
Solar and Lunar Returns relocated in Chart#2
Nutation in Sidereal mode: option added
Interpretations editor: bugs fixed
"-c" switch (back to single chart): bug fixed
French MACROs: bug fixed
XMP in Passages charts: bug fixed
Astro-graph positions in sidereal mode: bug fixed
All the other known bugs fixed

August 21, 2020 - V3.20 released
Double information box for double and multiple charts 
(not for charts coming from TradTech Pr.Dir.Tab. -> Charts)
North and South Indian items added in Jyotish menu  
Bug "R" label missing in double charts fixed 
Bug wrong planetary positions in Gauquelin sectors fixed 

August 2, 2020 - V3.11 released
Age harmonic charts added in Charts menu
(Options in "Calculation Settings...")
French version completed
Reset command from MACROs: bug fixed

July 12, 2020 - V3.10 released
Single installer for all Windows versions
Topocentric coordinates with parallax correction added =#DisableSave  and  =#EnableSave  switches added
Campanus PDs charts in Zodiac fixed
Sidereal PDs: bugs fixed
Alcabitius house system: bug fixed
Mundane charts before Oct. 4, 1582: Julian calendar fixed
Embedded MACROs improved
French version almost completed
Minor bugs fixed

April 18, 2020 - V3.00 released
See Features page
A32v2.05 bugs fixed
Previous feature improved
New menus added
New functions added
Jyotish techniques added
Primary techniques added
Other traditional techniques added

-- Ayanamsa offset does not work
-- A bug has been introduced in the use of offline atlases:
   the time zone sign can be reversed

Mini aspects grid for double charts
Profections in table with astronomical cycle
Small details in the various language versions
Interpretations can be improved in all languages
Bugs fixing

Starting from version 3.40, Astrolog32v3 can be compiled with Microsoft VS C ++ 2008 Express SP1. Above the program download in ISO format.

Some antivirus, including Windows Defender, may incorrectly report a virus in the A32v3 project. In this case set the downloaded file as an exception to ignore. 
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